In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make a twitter icon. You need to be pacient with me because this is my first tutorial… The final result of this tutorial will look like this:


First of all you need to download the twitter font (I found it here : , Twitter font 1) . Install the font and then start Photoshop.

Open a new document (mine is 600×600 , I like to have space to move around).

Create a new layer and then pick the „Rounded Rectangle Tool”. On the top of the screen you have a toolbar. Set the properties like in the image below:


While holding „Shift” on your keyboard, create a shape in the middle of the document.

You should have something like this:


Now, we are going to add a gradient to the shape. Click on the „Gradient tool” twitter3.

Choose the following colors:twitter4

#1c86fb for foreground and #045dbf for background.

Then hold the CTRL key while clicking on the image next to your layer name, to select it.

Take the „Gradient tool” and while holding „Shift” down make a gradient from top to bottom.

And this is the result:


Now let’s add some effects to that layer. Right click on the layer and select Blending Options. First apply „Drop Shadow”. Set the properties like in the image below:


Then apply „Stroke”:


And „Inner Shadow”:


Create a new layer and grab the „Text tool”. Select the font you’ve just installed (PicoBlackAl). Set the font size to 150 pt an type „t”.


Let’s add „Bevel and Emboss” to the letter:


And finally create a new layer, then while holding the CTRL key click on the blue shape layer to select it. Take the „Elliptical Marquee Tool” an hold down SHIFT and ALT while drawing a elipse. You should get something like this:


Change the foreground color to white and grab the „Paint Bucket Tool” then color the selected new layer to white. Change the opacity of the layer to 10%. And here is the result:


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  1. Robin says:

    Good tutorial, it the button like version or what you would like to call it. Check out mine twitter icon tutorial. it’s the bird button version.


  2. lektira says:

    oouhh i searched for something like this for ages
    thanks so much!!

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