The way humans have learned to decorate their own bodies can be considered a highly artistic form of evolution that will never cease to improve. Fashion, hair styles, body remodeling and body painting have all taken different shapes during history, displaying the rich power of imagination of humans in their endeavor to look beautiful and different.

Shakira tattoos

We started talking about this because we had in mind one particular branch of this body decorating multitude of arts which is familiar and admired by most of us, and that is the art of tattoos. Tattoos have been loved by people from the oldest times, evolving in complexity and area of body coverage and also being developed in many options of duration on the skin, according to the desire of the solicitor.

Some people prefer small tattoos, not visible to everybody, other prefer edgy tattoos that make them stand out from the crowd, others who are more eccentric choose to tattoo their whole body or large parts of it, all of them having the option to choose between permanent, semi-permanent or temporary tattoos. It depends if you are sure that you want your body painted forever or you just want to see how it looks with something drawn on it for a short while.

Temporary Tattoo like of Amy Winehouse

temporary tattoos

The guys at are offering you the option of having a temporary tattoo on your skin, which is the safest method, as it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t leave marks on your skin. The web store provides a huge variety of temporary tattoos for you to choose from, split into different categories according to your tastes. offers celebrity tattoos, which are temporary tattoos similar to the ones of celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Johnny Depp and many others. This way, you can assimilate yourself to the star you love by wearing the same tattoos as he or she does. Except for these, our web shop also offers many other varieties of temporary tattoos, from animal, celtic, Chinese, fairy, heart, tribal tattoos to zodiac tattoos, Maori tattoos or even custom prints, which offer you the option to have a temporary tattoo with your own drawing on it.

Temporary tattoos like of Angelina Jolie

David Beckham tattoos

Eve tattoos

The tattoo online store also has different temporary tattoos according to the part of the body you want them to be placed on: body tattoos, hand tattoos or belly button tattoos, with many various models from you to pick from. offers a precise guideline for tattoo application, so that you learn how to apply your temporary tattoos properly, with no risk of deteriorating them.

You can order minimum five tattoos, add them to your cart and pay online for the fastest and most efficient method to have your favorite tattoos delivered at home.

Hoping that offering you so many options of temporary tattoos has brought a little happiness to your beauty endeavors, I’m inviting you once again to browse through the gallery and enjoy the temporary tattoo art on your skin!

Emma Watson tattoos

temporary tattoos

Rihanna tattoos

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