What would this world be without celebrities, have you ever wondered? We are all interested in the lives of famous people, either they are politicians, actors, musicians or sportsmen. We relax reading about their whereabouts, we love to see their new pictures and we have split feelings towards them, depending on their public actions. Having this in mind, we thought about providing you with a rich set of wallpapers with your favorite celebrities, to garnish your desktop with.

Spending a lot of time in front of the computer requires for a pleasant environment to work in, so decorating your desktop or laptop screen with wallpapers that you like could boost a lot the pleasure of working. On wallpapersfame.com you will find a wide range of images with your favorite celebrities in a lot of different situations or postures, for all of you who like to become passionate about a person or other from now and them.

You can choose between various categories, the widest ones being male or female celebrities, and then you can start browsing through hundreds of pictures with singers, actresses, models or athletes. You will find pictures from photo shoots or from their field of activity with beautiful women such as Adele, Kate Moss, Mila Jogovich, Kirsten Dunst, Eva Mendes, Alyssa Milano, Serena Williams, Ana Ivanovic and many others. And let’s not forget, we are also proud to present wallpapers with famous and handsome men such as Cory Monteith, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, 50 Cent.

All the wallpapers on wallpapersfame.com can be downloaded at the best quality that suits your device, you being able to choose from many options of resolutions. Thus, your iPhones, iPads, Android devices, widescreen monitors or laptops, HD TV sets or even your Facebook profiles will be decorated by our high quality wallpapers, with the celebrities of your choice.

Downloading your favorite wallpaper is as easy as one click! All you have to do is to decide which are the lucky ones and choose your desired resolution. This will open your image on a new page, where you can download it if you just click on it. It’s that easy to have Hugh Jackman staring at you from the screen of your laptop or smart phone!

I’ll leave you in the company of your favorite singers, actors or athletes, hoping that our choice of wallpapers will satisfy all your celebrity needs! New wallpapers are constantly being uploaded on wallpapersfame.com, so stay tuned!

Adele Wallpaper


Jennifer Aniston Wallpaper

Megan Fox wallpaper

Kate Upton Wallpaper

Celebrity Wallaper

Usain Bolt Wallpaper

Scarlett Johansson


Fame Wallpaper

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