Having a good online presence is a must for all businesses nowadays. Many restaurants and cafes already have beautiful and informative websites.

Dec - 5 - 20122 Comments »

Lawyer websites tend to be very conservative and many consider them boring or dull. If you want to make a good impression and stand out of the crowd, and don’t have a big budget, you might consider ...

Oct - 11 - 20124 Comments »

Does your local church need a new website to help spread the word? A custom website would be the best solution, but this is usually costly. And most of the time this type of organizations has a limited budget...

Aug - 24 - 2012No Comments »

Real estate is a very competitive industry, especially considering today’s economic situation. Having an attractive and up-to-date website can make the difference and help you increase the exposure for your listings.

Jun - 22 - 20122 Comments »

A collection of 10 awesome premium Wordpress themes that are especially designed for children related websites.

May - 28 - 20125 Comments »

If you are a hotel or a bed & breakfast owner, developing a web presence for your business can be an easy way to reach more people and get noticed, and so, increase your sales.

Apr - 29 - 20128 Comments »

Wordpress becomes more and more popular each day, perhaps, because of its flexibility and ease of use. There are a lot of themes out there, both free and premium, and more get released every day.

Apr - 11 - 2012No Comments »

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