I have a new template to give today: it’s a free vCard, great for photographers, designers and other creative professionals to show off their portfolio.


  • Clean, simple design
  • Using the html5reset.org package
  • jQuery powered
  • PrettyPhoto gallery
  • Fully functional contact form
  • Well commented code for easy customization

Images used in the template are taken from morguefile.com

Terms of use

This template is free to use for personal and commercial projects, but you can’t claim it as your own. Also you cannot provide a direct download link on your website or upload it to servers. If you find this template useful and would like to share it with your friends, please direct them to this page.

If you need something fancier than this, and you’re willing to spend a little money, then you should try one of these premium templates:

Edison – Responsive vCard Template

Edison vCard Template

Edison is the perfect modern template for the online vcard, small personal portfolio and much more, ready to look stunning on any device – from a widescreen monitor to a mobile phone.

Price: $8

Karo – Virtual Business Card Template

Karo is a virtual business card coded using the latest standards and can be used by a very large categories of customers.With a unique design, our template can be used by a very large category of customers and of course allows an infinite ways to customize it.

Price: $9

vFlip – Animated responsive vCard

vFlip Template

This template is at the cutting edge of web technology, using CSS3 effects and 3D animations, HTML5 markup and media queries to detect screen size / pixel density.

Price: $8

Second Responsive V-card Template

Second is an easy cutomizable v-card/portfolio template made entierly 95% with html and css it allows you to introduce yourself with the most important informations to your features clients or employers.

Price: $8

Color Grids – Responsive Creative Portfolio

Color Grid Template

Color Grids is a responsive, one-page portfolio template for a creative professional. It’s suitable to be used as a portfolio or a virtual business card. Color Grids features a resume with a personal statement and jQuery powered portfolio.

Price: $10

Allegro – Responsive vCard Template

Allergo Template

Allegro is a fully responsive vCard Template.Allegro gives you all essential features a vCard Template needs.

Price: $9

Aug - 12 - 20123 Comments »


  1. Cristo_spain says:

    When I open a picture with lightbox in your free vCard template, the word “false” appear down that picture, also in your demo. Do you know the problem?. Maybe the js lightbox?

    Thanks and congratulation.

  2. Cristo_spain says:


    /* prettyPhoto customizations */

    $(document).ready(function (){
    gallery_markup: ”,
    custom_markup: ”,
    social_tools: ‘false’ /* html or false to disable */


    /* prettyPhoto customizations */

    $(document).ready(function (){
    gallery_markup: ”,
    custom_markup: ”,
    social_tools: ” /* html or false to disable */

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