Today I just finished coding this template and decided to post it free for you. As the title says, the template is for a lawyer office, but I think with little changes it can be used for other businesses also. The template is free to use with the condition of keeping the link to my website intact. If you want to remove the link, you need to pay a small fee. For that, please send me a message using the form in the contact page.

This is the first from (I hope) a long line of free templates I’ll post here. Enjoy!

Oct - 8 - 200913 Comments »


  1. Deborah says:

    I selected this template for a the website our missions organization is developing. I just had to write and say, “THANK YOU!” This is the first time I have used a template that I haven’t had to recode everything because of sloppy coding. You have done an excellent job of writing current, proper xhtml code, and that makes my job (as a self-taught, volunteer) so much easier.

    And, yes, with a few changes, this template seems to be working wonderfully for our organization. (I just hope the rest of the team likes the design. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it live in the next week or so.)

  2. with all the apps my clients are searching for they will be excitingly happy to see this for a front page template for a business…

    Much Thanks

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