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Don't have time to read my article? 😒. are the best payment processors for your Shopify store👇:

  1. 1
    Shopify Payments.
  2. 2
    PayPal Express Checkout.

Best Payment Processor #1 - Shopify Payments.

The best payment processor (aka Payment Provider) is the one that makes it easy for your customer to buy from you. So make it easy for them by choosing Shopify Payments.


  • Shopify Payments has all the major credit cards - VISA, MC, AMEX. Most people have one of these credit cards, right? - so you'll capture the overwhelming majority of your customers already.
  • Shopify Payments has Apple Pay, Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Meta (Facebook) Pay. Special people with the "blue text bubble" can use their Apple Pay seamlessly, which means less thought, and less friction in making a purchase. Same goes for Shop Pay - people who bought from a Shopify store in the past can use Shop Pay without entering their credit card details again. Listen, when people are entering their credit card details, the rational part of their brain kicks in and tries to talk them out of the purchase. You don't want that! Take away as much friction as you can from your customer and the purchase.
  • Shopify Payments lets your customer Buy Now Pay Later in installments, through Shop Pay. This is a great option for consumers living paycheck-to-paycheck. For example, people can't or won't pay for a $50 purchase, so they pay $12.50 per month in installments. lol. Yes, so this is a must too. Included in Shopify Payments already, so no extra work from you.
  • Shopify charges third party processing fees for not using Shopify Payments, so you're forced to use Shopify Payments. Don't fight it. Why pay another 2% or whatever extra to use a third party payment processor outside the Shopify network. It's part of the game - play it well.

How to add Shopify Payments to your Shopify Store: 

Click on Settings, which is located on the menu bar on the bottom left.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 7.43.52 PM

Then click on Payments.

Screenshot 2023 01 18 at 7.44.48 PM

And click on "Complete account setup".

click on complete account setup

After that all you need to do is fill out some details:

  • Business entity - Individual or Corporation.
  • Business address.
  • Personal details of store owner - Name, address.
  • Product details - what your store is selling (apparel, beauty, garden)
  • Bank information - bank name, account number (where to send the payments)

That's all you have to do to get all these customer payment options. Amazing! Your store can now accept payments from your customers.

2nd Best Payment Processor for Shopify is PayPal Express Checkout.

For the remaining online customers who don't have a credit credit card, include PayPal Express Checkout as another payment processor for your Shopify Store. With Shopify Payments and PayPal Express Checkout, your online store will be set.

And, it's even easier to signup with PayPal Express Checkout than Shopify Payments.

Shopify automatically creates a PayPal account for you when you sign up with Shopify.

How to add PayPal Express Checkout to your Shopify Store:

Just go back to Settings > Payments and click on "Complete account setup". You will be directed to PayPal to finish the signup there. Again - easy! Thanks Shopify.

Complete PayPal account setup

The end. Shopify makes it so effortless.

Now go make some money.

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